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Put the 2-time Emmy Award winning seven11 Productions to work for you, creating a compelling piece of video that captures the attention and imagination of your audience. Funny. Aggressive. Elegant. Informative. Emotional. Any style of video production you need can be expertly conceptualized and fully produced by seven11 Productions.

We are an independent production company based out of Rockford, Illinois. We're the company the cable television operators in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin call when they are outsourcing their video productions. We're hired by local and regional advertising agencies to create video products for their clients. We also have our own list of clients that we've been working with for many years.

Sometimes our clients like to be completely engaged in the entire creative process. We don't mind that. Then there are times when our clients just simply delegate their television commercial or YouTube promotional video to us, people they can trust to get it done right. We like that. A lot, actually.

Our favorite compliment is when a client tells us that we get it. There's a lot of meaning behind those two little words! "Getting it" comes from studying video production and marketing in college, from working in the video business for more than 18 years and from listening closely to exactly what our clients want and delivering exactly what they need. Of course, being pleasant to work with has helped a lot too!

We invite you to visit our YouTube page and view some of the work we've done to help our clients market their business. Then, fill out the form on our Contact Page so that we can help you grow your business with video!